About Flynn Pest Control, Inc.

Flynn Pest Control is a family owned and operated pest management company founded in 1978. We have been providing Pest Management Services for almost 40 years.

Our philosophy has always been quite simple - to provide our customers with exceptional services, performed by a professional and knowledgeable staff, in a safe and effective manner and at a reasonable rate which will reflect the value of our services to our customers.

In terms of company size, we are not a national or major regional company. We don't use giant bugs or catchy little rhymes as gimmicks to attempt to gain business. What we do offer is Quality, both in the services that we provide and in the people who provide those services.

Most Flynn Pest Control, Inc. technicians have over 10 years with our company and some have over 15 years of service with us. We take great pride in this fact and feel it is one of the primary reasons that we can provide the type and quality of services that we do.

We are a full service company, please review the services section of our website. You will not find another company of our size that provides the many services that we do, or that has the credentials that our company has.

We also believe that in this day and age all Pest Management Companies have access to the same products and materials, the difference is the people providing the services, from your service technician to the customer service representatives that take your call. It is our goal to make sure you are satisfied.