Commercial Pest Control Services

Flynn Pest Control offers a wide array of Integrated Pest Management Solutions for many different types of industries. We are licensed and certified in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire.


Types of Facilities that we serve:

  • Health Care and Hospital Facilities, Rehab Centers, Medical Centers
  • Food Processing Plants - AIB, ASI, USDA, FDA monitored facilities
  • Warehousing Facilities, Food Storage, Commodities, Distribution Centers
  • Public Schools, Colleges, Day Care Centers, Elderly Housing
  • Transfer Stations and Waste to Energy Plants
  • State Housing Authorities, Multi Building Complexes, Town House Development
  • Hospitality Industry, Hotels, Motels and Inns
  • Municipal and Government Buildings
  • Fine Dining Restaurants and Chain Facilities
  • Entertainment Complexes and Venues
  • Corporate Office Complexes
  • And many other types of common and unique facilities

All Flynn Pest Control, Inc. IPM Programs are designed based on your facilities needs, we have found through the years that many companies oversell a customer a service that they do not need, Flynn Pest Control Inc will custom design a program for your needs.  > Get started!


We offer Gas Fumigation Services (we are 1 of only 3 companies in the state of Massachusetts) including Methyl Bromide, Phostoxin and will soon offer Vikane Gas. These services include Flour or Grain Silos, Box Cars, Trailers, Shipping Containers and other types of Vessels.



We are a Certified Bird Barrier Installer of Bird Netting Systems and Sea Gull Grids, our work can be seen in MA, RI, and NH We can provide you with an estimate for this type of work any where on the east coast. We offer several different types of Humane Bird Control Systems and Solutions for any type of facility.



We can provide the exterior of your facility or venue with Mosquito and Tick Control Services, utilizing our unique Garlic oil based application we can address the exterior of you property so that employees or guests will enjoy the outside. This is especially important with the recent increases in EEE, West Nile Virus and Lyme Disease.



We can also provide your Business with valuable Tree and Shrub Services as well as Weed Control Services for parking lots and other areas.



We are a recognized QualityPro Company as well as a Commonwealth of Massachusetts Registered IPM Company. We are also a Commonwealth of Massachusetts FAC 50 Approved Vendor for the entire state of Massachusetts. We are proud to be one of only a few companies within the state to have this rating.



We offer weekly, monthly, or quarterly based services. Based on your needs we can build your program on the requirements of any and all inspection agencies such as AIB, ASI, USDA and any other inspection companies.


Let us design a program to protect your business!